Piping Plovers are small, endangered shorebirds in Manitoba. Its call is described as a "plaintive peep-lo" which made it the perfect name for this blog as it too is a plaintive call, a Call to Action.

16 July 2002

East Beach Chicks

The East Beach chicks hatched three days ago, but unfortunately we have lost two of the chicks. The first chick was predated by crows within hours of hatching, while the second was found to be missing this morning. The remaining two chicks are growing rapidly and are being guarded by two very protective parents. With luck they will keep close to the willow on the dunes where they are protected from crows, gulls and the like. As the nesting season is nearly finished and there has yet to be any sign of nesting activity in the fenced-off area in the West Beach blow-out, we have disassembled the fencing. We plan to fence off this area again next year in the hope that the plovers will perhaps nest there again.