Piping Plovers are small, endangered shorebirds in Manitoba. Its call is described as a "plaintive peep-lo" which made it the perfect name for this blog as it too is a plaintive call, a Call to Action.

22 July 2002

Flying Up & Fencing Down

The remaining two Channel chicks have fledged successfully. They were spotted flying along the East Beach in the accompany of one of the adults. We have also had another nest abandonnment in Parking Lot # 5. It was decided to pull the last egg from the nest for to send it for analysis by the Canadian Wildlife Service. Unfortunately it was too damaged to send it securely. Perhaps we will have better luck at this location next year. As the adults have moved onto the West Beach and it is too late for them to re-nest a third time, we have disassembled the fencing in the Parking Lot for the season. Like the fencing in the West Beach blow-out, we intend to erect this enclosure again next year. We have also disassembled the enclosure on the East Beach near the Change-house. With the high water levels, the water has begun pulling on the plastic fencing and it is becoming increasingly dangerous for the young plovers who may become caught if the fencing comes down around them. In addition, it poses a hazard for the pedestrians who regularly travel this section of beach. If the plovers nest here again, we will once again erect an enclosure around the nest, but because we don't know exactly where they might nest, we won't be able to install the fencing prior to the birds return like can in the Parking Lot or in the West Beach Blow-out.